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REACH solutions for the retail supply chain

CEA provide businesses with a selection of focused support services to help achieve compliance with REACH legislation which includes:

  • Business planning and an inventory of chemicals impacted by REACH
  • Setting up and managing consortia (SIEF) for confidential data sharing 
  • Data management in IUCLID 5  
  • Preparing REACH dossiers  
  • Compiling and assessing data quality  
  • Data gap management  
  • Placing and monitoring of studies  
  • Development of Exposure Scenarios and conducting Chemical Safety Assessments 
  • ‘Only’, ‘Third Party’ and ‘Downstream User’ representative services for clients  
  • Notification of classification according to (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP/GHS)

Our Reach Partners:

About CRAD

CRAD is a member of the Global Chemical Consultant Network (GCCN) and has operated as CEA’s solution partner since 2008, for Turkish Companies, complying with REACH, CLP/GHS and other EU chemical regulations.



REPRE and CEA have worked together since 2007 to provide Japanese companies with consultancy support helping them comply with REACH, CLP/GHS and other EU chemical regulations.