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Exposure and Spatial Modelling

Our environmental fate experts provide in-depth exposure assessments using industry standard approaches, including the FOCUS Surface Water and FOCUS Groundwater modelling suites, as well as EUSES and the ECETOC TRA tool. We also provide kinetic analysis according to FOCUS guidance.

Beyond standard approaches, we specialise in the development of more realistic exposure scenarios. As an example, this may involve obtaining information relating to use practice in order to relax overly conservative assumptions built into Emission Scenario Documents for biocides.  Similar approaches may also be applied to refine Environmental Release Categories for assessment of substances under REACH.

CEA has extensive expertise in GIS and spatially distributed environmental modelling and a wide range of technical specialists which allows the development of bespoke higher tier model simulations that better represent reality.  This skill set is frequently utilised in policy support and refining exposure assessments for government and commercial clients across the EU.